Say it ain’t SPAM

Spam are inboxes, message boards,
newsgroups, user remarks, etc with the same message(s). The message is usually
marketing advertising for quasi-legal products and services. Spam is lucrative
because it costs the small spammer money to send. The brunt of the cost is
borne by the receivers or carriers instead of the sender.

Email spam that is targeted at
specific users can be more than just an inconvenience. Spammers can spread
viruses through email messages sent to your inbox.

Spam was once simply just a nuisance
but now has become a serious problem for individuals and businesses alike. It
is estimated that a greater percentage of e-mails circulating on the internet
is spam. Besides clogging networks and facilitating the spread of viruses or
fraudulent schemes, spam is a major factor in undermining trust in the
Internet, thus slowing the growth of the digital economy.

There was a time when we received
so much junk through the land mail that it made you wonder how long we would
have trees left on the planet. Something had to be done about it and thankfully
the preference services came to the rescue. Not only can we reduce the amount
of junk through the letter box but we can now stop most of those annoying
telephone sales calls.

Junk email and spam are a huge problem
for many people. At times, it’s so overwhelming that email becomes inefficient
compared to other communication options. Scraping your entire email account is
an option especially when you get spam messages for every 1 real one which
makes it a real burden to even use your email service. But there are some
options to dealing with spam.

How to stop SPAM in your email:

To start, you should
realistically stop using just one email account for everything. You never know
who is going to pass around your email address to everyone else when you use it
to register for a forum or sign up for more information somewhere. Start
creating more than one email account to keep different things separate.

You should also keep one separate
for personal use that is never used to sign up for anything online. This makes
it less likely that someone will find and use your email for sending you things
that you do not wish to have. Set up a series of other email accounts for
signing up on websites, offers, newsletters, and other things.

One big mistake that many make is
that they validate their email address to a spammer. They get an email that
they don’t want and look for the unsubscribe button. Many times this alerts the
spammer that you are a real person with a real account. At this point you will
start to get more email. It’s much better to filter out the email without
revealing you opened and read it than it is to interact with the links in the
email. There are ways the spammer knows you clicked on links in the email so
it’s important that you never do that to prevent getting even more spam.

Using these techniques should
help you cut down on the junk mail and spam that you are getting on a daily
basis. By eliminating unwanted spam, you can sort through your e-mail a lot
faster and help keep your email box much cleaner.





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Internet and Job Searching

The most important part of any internet job search is to make sure you have a good internet so you don’t have any problems getting into job applications and websites. You can use a traditional router, outdoor mesh access point and other types of equipment to make sure you have the best connection possible. 

The presence of various job search engines and websites simply means that there are bigger opportunities for finding that dream job, but this mere fact can also be confusing. Therefore, the challenge for the individual seeking a job is to find that online job search engine that fits his needs. The most important action that that person can perform is to thoroughly research before sticking with one job search engine wherein he can find jobs that are to his liking.

There are a few steps that a person who is currently looking for that perfect job can take to find that search engine to help him find jobs that are suitable for him.

The first step that an individual must perform is to decide on the job that he wants to apply to. This is highly recommended because it helps one to focus on the main goal. A job seeker can do this by browsing through different jobs and job descriptions to have a full understanding of the work scope and requirements of each job offered by several companies. This way, he will surely find out if he is heading out along the right career path.

The second step is to write his resume. It is strongly advised for an individual to create personalized resumes for every job post that he plans to apply to. It is also advised to submit different resumes for government offices and private institutions. A job seeker must ensure that his resume is based on the job descriptions required by the companies.

Another important step that an individual who is looking for a job can do is to come up with a good heading for his resume. This specific heading must be written according to the person’s personal skills and knowledge. Reading about the job descriptions especially the required educational attainment and work experience is important before applying for the job.

The number of job websites

When the candidates check the job search websites, they can see that the number of websites is infinite, which is available in every shapes, sizes and colors. There are some biggest websites such as career builder and Monster for the candidates in every field. In addition to that, the candidates may also find some web based message boards, which can be the best resources for the job tips and support for a specific field. The candidate can focus on those websites which provide jobs and positions for a specific field such as the IT Jobs or Marketing Jobs.

Checking out job search aggregators

In addition to uploading the resumes on the job websites, the candidates can also check the job search aggregators and sign up for them. These search aggregators provide a business model where they gather all the job listings for the particular field under one platform and send an email alert to the candidate’s email id. This is one of the best services for the candidate so that he or she can apply for those jobs very easily and quickly with a click of the button.

Using correct terminology for job hunting online

Most of the candidates when searching for the best jobs do not use the correct terminology. This is one of the issues due to which they have trouble in finding the vacancies. The candidates should use the terminology which is used by the companies and the recruiters when they are checking the internet for the vacant positions in any organization. In addition to that, the candidate should add the particular skills such as social media when applying for the marketing position.

The simple Google search

After using all these tips, the candidate can also do a simple Google search with the proper keywords, something like business retreat granville ohio. At that time, they can also use the keywords which are available at the bottom of the page for people who are currently looking for jobs must be highly aware of the competition within the job market today. Several unemployed individuals are seeking out their desired jobs, but the truth is only a limited number of people get the jobs that they prefer the most


How to choose the best computer for your needs


Are you worried about choosing the best computer for your needs? Your worrying should automatically stop now because in a nutshell here are some of the significant guidelines to your choosing of the best computer for your consideration throughway. Look at the:


It’s better to go for a branded laptop which takes proper responsibility under warranty assurance. Brands available in India include such as Dell and HP-Compaq.


There are various types of processor configuration from which you will come across such as Intel Celeron M Processor (basic), Duo Mobile Technology with Core Duo (mid-range), Intel Centrino Mobile Technology with Core Solo processor (mid-range) and Core 2 Duo processors (high-end).

Memory and Video card

You can never have enough memory (particularly with memory-hoarding working frameworks like Vista adjust the corner). On the other hand, for fundamental laptops, the absolute minimum ought to be 512mb. High-end clients ought to think about 1 GB or more.

Hard drive

A 60 GB 4,200 rpm is the fundamental limit you get in a large portion of the most recent laptops. In a perfect world, in the event that you want to convey music and feature on your framework think about 80gb and the sky is the limit from there. Furthermore, search for the most recent SATA drives with 5,400rpm at any rate.

Optical drive

Essential portable computer clients may do with a CD-DVD combo drive. In any case, high-end clients must get unified with DVD/CD-RW combo drive. The RW remains for reading and compose and will empower you to copy CDs and watch DVDs.

Screen size

The base you will oblige is a 12-inch show. High-end clients (who need to have the accommodation of a more extensive screen and bigger console, like their PC) ought to strive for a 15- to 17-inch screen.


They ought to keep going forever, shouldn’t they? Tsk-tsk, portable computer batteries don’t keep going as long as they ought to. For fundamental laptops, a solitary Lithium-particle essential battery ought to, in any event, keep going 2 years.

Check for Bluetooth connectivity – it will empower you to remotely exchange information to different gadgets for up to 30 feet. High-end laptops characteristic propelled sound and feature associations, for example, computerized media card book lovers, S-feature outs for interfacing with a TV, a DVI port for uniting with advanced LCD screens and a Firewire port for catching and altering advanced feature.

Power: It is essential for you to have a powerful computer. A computer with a dual-core processor is a popular choice. They are efficient at handling a wide range of business applications. Business ultra-portables are also a good choice for these laptops can be configured with a Standard Voltage processor. In addition, look for a minimum of 4GB of RAM which will give you the ability to perform multiple tasks. If you will be running integrated graphics, it is important to get a computer with a lot of memory.

There is also enclosure which can be a big choice for some, while others could care less. There is your standard mid tower case or you can go fancy with a cube or slim design. Now not only is the size a choice but you can pretty much choose any color you want but if might cost you a little extra.

There are many, many different components of a computer that you’ll have to choose. It’s worth a little time to think about exactly what you need so you make the right choice the first time.


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Learning Computers

There are always different applications or unknown files that are contained by a user’s computer. The unknown files basically known as the temporary files enters into the computer when a user uses internet connection. These files automatically creates its own folder and saves itself in it. It is one of the big reason for slowing down the speed of system. Young people today have a vast knowledge about using a computer. They can teach many older people to do things that we never dreamed we could do with one. This is because when the older generations were in school, they did not have computers mainly because they were not available for average people. Kids are being instructed in computer skills earlier and earlier in school today. When you are an older person with no prior training or even a basic knowledge about computers, it can be very frustrating trying to learn to navigate this foreign, miraculous machine.

Just learning to turn a computer on and get it to operate can be frightening for someone who has never used one. You can be almost afraid to touch it for fear that you will damage it somehow. There are so many buttons on a computer keyboard and learning which one to mash to make the machine do what can be overwhelming. So, what is the easiest way to learn basic computer skills for those that have no idea where to start? There are several options available.

The easiest and cheapest way to gain computer knowledge is to take advantage of any young people in your life that already know how to use a computer well. Do not be ashamed to have them teach you what they know. Start with the simple things like being comfortable turning it on and learning how to use the programs that are installed in one. You will first need to learn all of the many things you can do with a computer.

Deciding what you want to use a home computer for is also a starting point. When you have learned a few basic things about the operation, in other words, what to click where to get to what you are looking for, then you can learn the basics about what interests you. Perhaps it is surfing the Internet to learn how to shop on line or maybe you want to learn to navigate chat rooms for social interaction with others. Maybe you just want to be able to share emails with your friends and relatives and send photos to one another or maybe even more going further in to learn how to handle the predictive maintenance that a computer requires.

Each of these activities will require you learn different things about your computer. If you are not lucky enough to have a young person or an even another older person with computer skills, then you can sign up for some classes at your local community college or perhaps even the local high school and do your learning there. There is so much to learn about computer operations and it might take you several years to learn everything you want to know. Getting started is the first step and once you have done that, your thirst for computer skills will probably be never ending. It can addictive if you are not careful.






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Let’s Boot Up!

Computer gaming is certainly nothing new.  There are so many different types of games out there that it can be a little intimidating for a first time gamer.  Take a look at this video that has a couple of great games for beginner gamers.



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